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Sunday, 10 November 2013

London for the Hearst Editors Talk

Last Sunday at the delicious time of 9AM, bearing in mind I'd been out the night before and had yet managed to sleep, I hopped on a coach with my irritatingly well-slept and well-fed cousin for a 7 hour journey to London. Although feeling like my stomach was laced with poison and my head was about to implode, I did manage to catch a few winks en route down there despite the small child behind me doing what I can only describe as the can-can on the back of my chair.

Because we were there for a few nights we went and stayed with my other cousin in his university halls, he's an art student and goes to Central St. Martins, which apparently is super slick in the fashion world but me in my poncho and boots with holes in wasn't completely aware of this. 3 people shoved into a box room is tricky in itself, without enough bits of fabric to clothe a small family of hippos and some machinery that looked more suited to a medieval torture chamber than a fashion studio.

Stopping off for some cheeky crepes in Covent Garden

I like the concept of London; the picturesque gardens and majestic buildings but on a whole I dislike how impersonal everything is. The people are ridiculously rude and always look like someone just shit on everything they love, but then again so would I if i had to spend more than 2 minutes on a sweaty damp tube.

Anyway, so the reason we were down there was to attend a networking event with  the editors of the big dog fashion magazines like Company and Cosmopolitan etc etc, thus meaning I had to remove the poncho and place on something slightly more suitable. On arrival to the extremely posh hotel (the use of 'Maps' on my iPhone pretty much stopped us from wandering into the ghettos) we were handed large glasses of champagne which I shall never complain about and were thrown into a room filled with very stylish and eloquent people.

The best part of the evenings was by far the goodie bags, I'm sorry but free gin, benefit makeup, books, moisturiser and a Bananagram game was maybe too exciting for my short attention span and ability to be over the moon with the little things in life.

The Q and A was informative and gave insight into the big bad world of print publication, mostly though that you have to start making tea for some wanker (the wanker you'll end up being if you manage to be that successful) before you can begin to move up that dreaded ladder.

A fun outing nonetheless and possibly a step towards my future, who knows who knows, but for now I'll take the free gin and be 100% content.

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